A Circular Journey

My journey starts in a  rose garden on a hillside above the city of Florence. Hidden behind me is a Japanese garden, gifted by the city of Kyoto which is twinned with Florence. 

Gardens have stirred my imagination through paintings and poetry, leading me on journeys near and far. Nature is a garden which inspires me as a gardener and artist. Vegetation growing among rocks on the sea shore of a Greek island find echoes in the gardens of Japan. June’s “A Fragile Balance” is central, revealing the tenuous relationship between ourselves and Nature in my composite photo etching where the mounds of rubbish through which a little girl walks on her way to school morph into the stepping stones of a magical English/ Japanese garden.Walking in the meditative footsteps of a Japanese philosopher in Kyoto or encircled in Boboli’s  green garden rooms in Florence, I find the serenity where all time and space become ‘a green thought in a green shade’.

November 2023