Published articles by Rea Stavropoulos

“What can be done: Helen Cammock” The Florentine, Issue No. 260, November 2019

“A drama for our times: The Ballet of the Nations” The Florentine, Issue No. 257, June 2019

An Ambassadress for Florence and “Una Grande Fiorentina”” The Florentine (8 November, 2016)

“What does it mean to “Adopt an Apostle?” “The Florentine” 13 June 2018

Painting the spring in a Florentine garden” The Florentine (ISSUE NO. 104/2009 / 18 June, 2009)

Ricordi” The Florentine (Special Edition – 90th Anniversary of The British Institute of Florence / 8 November, 2007)

From Babylon to Boboli” The Florentine (ISSUE NO. 64/2007 / OCTOBER 4, 2007)

Survival strategies for struggling artists” The Florentine (ISSUE NO. 60/2007 / JULY 12, 2007)

Far Horizons and Shifting Perspectives” The Florentine 16 November 2006 p. 21

Inside Marini Outside of Time” The Florentine 2 November 2006 p. 20

By choice and coincidences” The Florentine (ISSUE NO. 181/2013 / 11 April, 2013)

Looking over Leonardo’s shoulder” The Florentine (ISSUE NO. 140/2011 / 7 April, 2011)

Women artists of wit and great ingenuity” The Florentine (ISSUE NO. 133/2010 / 9 December, 2010)

Visibility for women artists” The Florentine (ISSUE NO. 126/2010 / 1 July, 2010)

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Interview with Jenny Holzer at Biennale di Firenze “Il Tempo e la moda”, 1996, for “Make” magazine, London

Letters published in the Financial Times

In 2011 I wrote my first ever letter to a newspaper on the subject of women artists. I was surprised, proud and pleased when the Financial Times published it. Since then, I have had six further letters published in the FT – all equally subjective and dealing with the role of women as artists, older women and the perception of women, as well as the role of the artist in society.

Articles, Essays and Interviews about Rea Stavropoulos

  • “Up Close and Personal – an Interview with Rea Stavropoulos”, Linda Falcone, The Florentine 18 May 2006, p.23
  • “A British Artist exploring and expressing herself”, Melinda Gallo, The Florentine, 17 June 2010, Issue 125/2010
  • “Mythologies 2009 – Rea Zoe Stavropoulos” (Article on Women’s Fiction Festival 2009, Matera)
  • “Tra la Terra e il cielo l’universo natura paesaggio dell’anima “ (La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno / 25 September , 2009)
  • “Le Mythologies di Rea Zoe “ (Il Quotidiano della Basilicata / 26 September, 2009)
  • Catalogue essays By Mo Throp and Lucia Fiaschi in “Secret Gardens”, Florence 2006, catalogue for the exhibition at La Corte Arte Contemporanea.
  • “Mieux Consommer pour moins polluer”, Interviewed by Le Courrier Picard, 14 June, 2012

  • A British artist exploring and expressing herself” The Florentine (ISSUE NO. 125/2010 / 17 June, 2010)
  • Helen Allingham Revisited” Camden Review (16 June, 2016)
  • “Watercolours in an English country garden” (Hampstead and Highgate Express, 28 July 2016)