My article “A Woman’s Place” out now in the January issue of “The Florentine”. It’s mainly about a fascinating exhibition currently on in the headquarters of the Banca d’Italia in Florence, showing the changing depiction of women through the Bank’s collection, including works by women artists, as well as changing attitudes to women at work. But there is also a serendipitous connection with an exhibition that’s just openied in London at the Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art featuring one of the artists in the Florence show: Pasquarosa. At the private view of “Pasquarosa: From Muse to Painter”, I took a photo of the exhibition’s curator Pier Paolo Pancotto in front of one of the works and love the composition – the way his cravat echoes the colours and shapes in the painting! It’s a pity he won’t be able to pose for the two evening art workshops that I’ll be running at the Estorick on 14 February, and 13 March! It’s great to build bridges between London , and Florence!

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Follow the link to the Estorick to book for the 14 February session: 

Bookings for the March session which will also look at the Morandi works in the permanent collection will be later this month.